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About Kylie

Kylie Brown is a 15 year old singer/songwriter from Northern Virginia. Kylie Brown is a freshman at Westfield High School (Centreville, VA) where she is on the Varsity Dance Team as well as apart of the theatre department. Kylie loves to write songs and perform country/pop music. She releases her original songs that are all written and performed by her, on all music platforms. Last year she released her first album, “And so it Begins…”, along with a single called, “Gotta Be a Cowboy”. This month Kylie released a follow up album, “Just Getting Started- the EP” which includes all originals songs written by her as well.

When Kylie was asked what her future music goals were, she said, “Songwriting is one of my favorite things about music. Being able to put on paper how you feel, and turning it into a song is a magical feeling. I know that I want to make songwriting my career when I get older. Hopefully, I can also sing some of my songs as well.” This summer, Kylie was accepted to write songs at the Country Music Hall of Fame in the Taylor Swift Music Education Center in Nashville, Tennessee. “I am honored, blessed, and SO excited for this opportunity” says Brown. Not only is Kylie headed to Nashville this July but she ALSO got accepted into the Grammy Camp in NYC for songwriting in August!

Kylie performs at local breweries, restaurants, and bars. She is always posting new covers, pictures, and original music on her Instagram account @hiitskyliebrown and also on her TikTok account @kyliebrownmusic. Kylie’s Facebook page can be found here. Make sure you listen to her music wherever you stream. She looks forward to seeing you at one of her upcoming shows. :))

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